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Silvia Bottini worked in multi-national organisations for over seventeen years before becoming founder and lead coach at bCoached, specializing in executive and leadership coaching, which focuses on three core competencies: Leadership Awareness, Leadership Impact, Leadership Effectiveness .  Since forming bCoached, Silvia has quickly developed a truly multi-national track record, having coached clients who have truly valued her understanding, sensitivity and continuous drive for positive change.

Hailing from Milan and having a passion for foreign languages, Silvia left for London in her early twenties to begin her corporate life working alongside senior executives.  Over the next fifteen years, Silvia worked her way up the corporate ladder in the fields of insurance with Willis Re and Aviva; Advertising with Clear Channel, the investment-banking sector with Lehman Brothers and the consulting sector with Roland Berger.  During this time, Silvia gained unbridled insights into the professional and personal lives of senior executives within large multi-national corporations.  These were the perfect environments to learn the incredible value of time, efficient decision making, diplomacy and most importantly, the support executives needed to achieve excellence in performance, growth and leadership.

Silvia’s passion for supporting others started in these formative years when she began reading psychology literature and learning from coaching books.  This lead her to become a certified coaching practitioner.  Why?  She says “I loved the content, I understood that focusing on solutions and positive outcomes, rather than problems, could bring about lasting and constructive change in people’s lives and I understood that structured support – coaching – would be the route to achieve it.”.   As someone who at the time was eager to develop her knowledge in this field, Silvia couldn’t get enough of it.  “I am not sure I always felt comfortable answering friends curious to know what I was reading”, she admits now.  “I had doubts about how these topics would be perceived or what they would think of my reading them.  I often felt embarrassed to welcome them into my library and let them discover that I was into empowering each dimension of my life by reading what was then considered unusual titles.  This was eventually proved wrong, as most of them ended up asking if they could borrow these titles”.

In 2010, Silvia relocated with her husband to Vienna, where she became a working mother balancing family and career, while continuing her self-development and further coaching training.  In 2012, after the family relocated to Dubai, Silvia converted her calling and vocation for coaching into reality by obtaining certification as a Results Certified Coach within the Neuroleardership Institute, NLP Practitioner within the American Board of NLP and Hogan Assessment Systems Certified Assessor.  “And that was only the beginning” she admits.  Silvia is currently studying for masters in Executive Coaching with Ashridge Hult International School.

Today Silvia’s second career sees her as the founder of bCoached, the UAE coaching practice that provides highly customized one-on-one coaching programs as well as group coaching.  Her specialty is in coaching business leaders who aspire to develop leadership skills and increase their Leadership awareness, impact and effectiveness within their organizations.  “My role as a coach is to empower  to achieve fulfilling, inspired and successful lives as global business leaders.  I work closely with all my clients as their accountability partner to ensure they transition to their next level by setting powerful goals, creating effective strategies and ultimately embracing a new and successful mindset”.

Silvia’s global experiences combined with her result driven coaching enables leaders to experience true courage, unleash new opportunities, deliver undreamed of results and discover the true power of Leadership awareness, impact and effectiveness.  Her USP is not her multi-national experience and insights in the corporate world.   Silvia’s USP is in her what.  It is in the results business leaders achieve with her coaching.  Significant results for authentic leaders.  Results that never deceive.

Are ready and feel you can benefit from the support of an Executive Coach in your professional and personal development?   Send a message to book your introductory consultation with bCoached, the first step in your journey to your next level of professional and personal success.


Silvia Bottini

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