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One to one Executive Coaching

One to one executive coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach (the coach) and an executive client (the coachee), who has a leading position within an organization.  During the relationship, the coach and the client engage in weekly or bi-monthly conversations, where the client presents and reflects on the professional challenges he or she is facing with the aim to come to effective solutions that ultimately benefit the client and his or her organization.

One of the main roles of the coach (or interventions as defined in coaching),  is to listen with intent to pose questions that stimulate the client’s thinking and create insights.  Questions give the client the opportunity to ponder issues carefully and often consider them under new perspectives.  In practice, the questions help the client paint a clear picture of his or her current reality/situation and give him or her freedom to explore what is really going on to eventually reach powerful solutions or conclusion of their own.

Yet, listening with intent and asking questions are not the only interventions of the coach during the coaching conversations.  At times,  the coach may seek permission to confront the client on a particular issue where the coach feels the client can acquire deeper awareness.  On occasions, the coach might support the client to express emotions that are preventing him or her to move forward; this key intervention is widely used in circumstances where the client feels “stuck“.   And at other times, the coach may ask permission to share technical, organizational or business information which add value to client’s knowledge and awareness.

A coach should be well versatile in applying different types of coaching interventionsInterventions that are always adopted with the aim to promote the client’s self-awareness, self-learning, professional and personal development.

Good coaches believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems but understands that they may need help to find the answers’.

Reasons why executives seek the support of a coach

Need for an intimate space away from the demanding corporate life to fosters self-awareness and reflection.

Develop higher awareness of their leadership style.

Feel “stuck” and want to discuss in complete confidentiality the challenges faced and the possible solutions to be implemented.

Want to understand and resolve interpersonal conflicts with team members or stakeholders.

Have highly ambitious goals and want to work with a coach to identify the most effective strategies and actions to achieve those goals.

Desire to enhance their communication style to influence and inspire their people.

Desire to implement career changes and start a different chapter in their professional life.

Need to create a better work-life balance.

What one to one executive coaching focuses on

The main focus of the coaching relationship is what professional coaches often call the “client’s agenda”.  By the “client’s agenda”,  we mean  the professional and personal challenges the client is facing and presenting during the conversations, the questions the client is seeking answers to and the solutions he or she is looking to uncover.

Indeed, the coaching conversations are entirely dedicated to the client, his or her thinking, perspectives, aspirations and objectives.  The client is given absolute priority and is the one who decides on the topics which are dear to his or her heart and are to be taken forward in the coaching conversations .    For these reasons, the coaching conversations neither adopt a rigorous structure nor follow a pre-determined direction set by the coach.  It is important to note, however, that both the coach and the client are expected to allocate time to discuss the creation of the client’s strategies, the setting of his or her goals, the implementation of innovative actions, behavioral changes and, ultimately, the design of solutions that work for the client and his or her organisation.

The benefits of one to one executive coaching

Improved decision making.

Enhanced strategic thinking and planning.

Better self-regulation.

Higher levels of motivation and engagement.

Development of self-awareness.

Increased ability to identify solution to specific work related issues.

Opportunity to identify and adjust behavioral challenges.

Greater performance as an individual, team player, stakeholder.

Refined time management.

Our approach to coaching

At bCoached we describe coaching as the process in which the client’s thinking, strategizing and creating of powerful actions is facilitated by a coach who act as the client’s accountability partner in achieving his or her goals.

Our coaching is a very practical process that prompts each and every client, regardless of their starting point, to set inspiring, achievable and measurable goals and to move toward the results they want to produce session after session.  During the coaching engagement our coaches respectfully challenge the client to consider different perspectives, those ones that eventually nurture progress and a growth mindset combined with positive thinking.

Our Coaching focuses on designing constructive solutions for the client and his or her organisation and projects the client into the vision of the future, the one where the client wishes to be.  It encourages the client to discover the what and concentrate on the how, when and where something works in his or her best interest and most viable way.

We believe that each and every client has the ability to find solutions.  During the coaching engagement our coaches act as a sounding board, allowing the client to develop his or her highest thinking.  It is during the coaching engagement that the client’s full potential is unleashed and turned into achievement.

How we work in partnership with you

At bCoached your Vision is important to us.  Where you want to be and what you want to achieve is our core business and the reason why we serve you.   Therefore, we invite you to an individual and personalized assessment of 90 minutes, before embarking with you into the coaching journey.  During the assessment we consider together the areas in which you would like to be coached, take time to answer all your questions and outline how we will work together during the coaching engagement.

The assessment is followed by our coaching program which is structured around a cycle of 12 sessions, specifically tailored to you as unique individual. We adhere to the methodology and criteria set by the Result Coaching System.

Below is how the coaching engagement functions step by step.

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