“I am currently being coached by Silvia Bottini and am thoroughly enjoying the detailed and very organised process she is using for this road of discovery I have embarked on with her.
In preparation for our coaching sessions, I was given a questionnaire as well as a personal checklist to complete, which really helped me to get into the right “head-space” for our coaching sessions. Silvia started out by explaining how the whole process works, what we would be doing during this venture and what the expected outcomes of our sessions would be, as well as what the projected end-goal is that we would endeavour to achieve.
I have found Silvia to be an attentive listener and she continually poses thought provoking questions to me which have not always been easy to answer – this has forced me to really ponder over things thoroughly, stretched me, taken me out of my comfort zone and brought about much insight as a result. Silvia often remarks that coaching is meant to stretch one past your limits, which in the end contributes to personal growth and development. I have really enjoyed Silvia’s way of coaching and the manner in which she has come across during our sessions. I would highly recommend her as a coach to help anyone enhance and grow both in their personal and professional life.”

Nicolette de Villiers, Marketing, Branding and Communication Guru, Passionate
about Corporate Social Responsibilities , Education and Trainin

“People grow faster and stronger with the help of coaches, influencers and mentors and I truly met one by the name of Silvia Bottini – Executive Coach.  Her willingness to go the extra mile to improve the lives of the people is a unique personality trait.

She is very good in giving a person an opportunity to open up and share their true personality traits by asking questions that you think  you never knew the answers to.  She, even in a short period of time, has the ability to make you think differently about things, in  a positive way, so that your personality grows.

Silvia always shares the essential requirements of a leader that are critical to personal growth and I am honored to learn from such an influencer.  I would strongly recommend people follow her and learn from a great soul.

Muhammad Raza SPN
Digital Banking & Digital Financial Services Strategist, Financial Inclusion, Mobile Money, Merchant Acquiring

“I had the honor to experience Silvia four full days.  With her empatethic way, she manages not only to build trust in the shortest time, but to sensitively go to the heart of the problem.  With a lightness and the right questions she leads and empowers you to develop new solutions.  Very deep and inspiring!  That’s why I recommend Silvia unrestricted, especially for topics that are particularly critical and therefore need an extraordinary sense to be solved.

Yasemin Yazan, Int. Keynote Speaker & World's #1 Authority for Change and Management & Digital Transformation, Editor & Bestselling Author

“I have known Silvia since 2002, when she was working in London, and I have had the privilege to witness her rapid career progress since then.

As an executive coach for leaders, Silvia understands how to drive people far beyond their beliefs and expectations.  I saw Silvia working with her executive clients and was impressed by the results she brings.  She is inspiring, supportive and has the ability to make people think and act big untill they reach the level they want to be at.

Silvia continuously studies new strategies and attends training events with the best mentors, so that she can deliver a state of the art coaching to all her clients.  I often recommend Silvia to my clients, because I know they will achieve what they need in their professional life.


Ilaria Cella, Founder of Consultingthatreallyworks.global - We grow your business FASTER, SMARTER and MORE PROFITABLE by saving time.

“Not too long ago I have had the honor and privilege to spend time with Mrs. Silvia Bottini, the executive coach, on several occasions.  Mrs Silvia Bottini is a highly skilled professional.  She knows exactly how to quickly bring her clients to their next level.  She is an attentive listener and always find the right way to encourage her clients to find new solutions.  Silvia is a kind hearted but very professional woman who is highly supportive towards her clients, especially when they are operating outside their comfort zone.

Coaching to Silvia comes naturally.  Her ability to quickly point one to the needed direction is astonishing.  I have been able to connect with her in several occasions and she really is a breath of fresh air among all the other consultants around.  She is highly competent in what she does.

I would highly recommend Silvia’s coaching to all people operation on an executive level but need to reach a higher level weather in business or personal live.

Thank you Silvia for allowing me the opportunity to work with you.

Janine Van Throo, Analyst Traffic management and security - Ypto

I had the privilege of experiencing one to one coaching by Silvia recently and she was very patient, structured and methodological in her approach. Her passion to help and bring the best in a person is so clear in her session that she exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend Silvia to Executives who are looking for clarity and support in their career to grow.

Sri Rathi,
Collaborative Training/Compassionate Coaching/Solution Focused Consulting

Silvia gets my highest recommendation as an Executive Coach and Mentor. I praise her unique ability to recognize, understand and guide to overcome challenging situations by focusing on solutions and positive change.
She always acts tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way, and proved to be right with observations, suggestions and contributions.
Silvia’s mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home.

Katerina Pawlowska-Hanafin, MA
Human Resources Director

SilviaBottini has been coaching me since autumn 2017 through the process of my dictionary publishing.  Her coaching sessions are conducted in a very professional manner with Silvia taking time for each session, providing well-targeted feedback and insightful advice.  In a very skilled and subtle manner Silvia brings the coachee to recognise his/her own potential, to define his/her own goals precisely and to create strategies that enable the goals to be achieved consequently.

Silvia’s follow up notes and summary after the session turns out to be a very supportive tool to the session.  Silvia provides her feedback and summary on time, allowing the coachee an adequate time for reflection after the session.  I can only recommend Silvia as an excellent coach.

Katarzyna Jaskowska-Usen
Student at Oxford Brookes University