Is Ambition Always A Must Have Quality?

Ambition. The strong desire to achieve goals and win, leaving competitors behind us.

Ambition is an aspect of personality we may want to look for, or even measure with the help of psychometric tests when we recruit new candidates. After all, we know that ambitious people are always eager to compete and arrive first. They are those type of people who can contribute to the advancement of the organisation unless they are only interested in their personal progress and own agenda.

However, is ambition always a “must-have” personality attribute when we recruit? It depends on the position we want to fill. If we are looking for a good and humble #teamplayer, the type of person who is willing to support the leadership team by taking suggestions and following instructions, we don’t always need to have the highest levels of ambition in the candidates we recruit. People who have low scores on ambition are generally happy to follow a leader and accept a lower status.

Take a look at my video, where I talk about ambition. What are your thoughts? And what is your experience with ambition?

Look forward to your comments!