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    A Few Good Reasons to Go with bCoached

    bCoached is an international coaching practice entirely dedicated to support executives and their teams to increase their global influence and work effectively together. We focus on strengthening three core competencies: Leadership Awareness, Leadership Impact, Leadership Effectiveness.At bCoached our client’s vision is important to us. Where they want to be and what they want to achieve is the reason why we serve them.

    If you are a leader and are passionate about driving your organization’s performance, contact us for an exploration on how we can support you in elevating your leadership influence.

    Our Coaching Services

    Executive Coaching

    One to one executive coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach (the coach) and an executive client (the coachee), who has a leading position within an organization. During the relationship, the coach and the client engage in weekly or bi-monthly conversations, where the client presents and reflects on the professional challenges he or she is facing with the aim to come to effective solutions that ultimately benefit the client and his or her organization.

    Team Coaching

    Team coaching in the workplace is a process where a single Team Coach or a pair of Team Coaches help a newly formed or existing team to find the much needed space to reflect on working together and increasing their levels of trust and commitment in order to perform their task efficiently. A team who is encouraged to reflect on improving their work dynamics, can bring about higher performance, creativity and innovation, which eventually benefit the entire organization.

    Hear what clients say about my service

    Sri Rathi

    I have had the privilege of experiencing executive coaching with bCoached. My coach was structured and methodological in his approach. His passion to help and bring the best in a person was so clear in his session that he exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend bCoached to those executives who are looking for clarity and support in their career.

    Sri Rathi

    Director of Operations India at Corporate Connections Global, LCC

    Yasemin Yazan

    “I had the honor to experience executive coaching with the founder of bCoached for four full days. With her empathic way, she manages not only to build trust in the shortest time, but to sensitively go to the heart of the problem. With a lightness and the right questions she leads and empowers you to develop new solutions. Very deep and inspiring! That’s why I recommend bCoached unrestrictedly.

    Yasemin Yazan

    Expert for change Management & Digital Marketing Frankfurt, Germany

    Chris Alcock

    “My executive coach worked with me recently to help uncover some of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back in business. Her independence and engaging style were very helpful for me and have prompted me to view differently how I wish to drive forward my professional activities. I would not hesitate to work with bCoached again”.

    Chris Alcock

    Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

    Nicolette de Villiers

    I recently completed my executive coaching sessions with bCoached and I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed and very organized process my coach used. In preparation for our coaching sessions, I was given a questionnaire as well as a personal checklist to complete, which really helped me to get into the right “head-space” for our coaching sessions. I have found my coach to be an attentive listener and she continually poses thought provoking questions to me which have not always been easy to answer – this has forced me out of my comfort zone and brought about much insight as a result.
    I highly recommend bCoached to companies who aim to support the professional and personal development of their executives.

    Nicolette de Villiers

    Freelance Marketing Consultant passionate about CSR, Dubai UAE